The origins of the Antico Frantoio Lopes date back to the 15th century, when the duke Teodoro Lopes,with an act of the notary De Angelis, dated november 3th 1471, was welcomed by the Archimandrite abbot Paolo Greco in the Casale of San Demetrio, with the right to cultivate the land. The tradition continues with don Pasquale, descendant of Teodoro, who reaches levels of excellence in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtaining national recognition and awards. Today we find, between passion and dedication, all the history and memory, handed down from generation to generation, in today's farm by Gianluigi Cava, which carries on the teachings and passion of the great-grandfather Pasquale.


In the gentle hills of San Demetrio Corone, between the Piana di Sibari and the Sila Greca, in an ideal microclimate created by the embrace of the rugged mountains with the scent of the sea, generous olive trees are cultivated that give Lopes Organic Extra Vergin Olive Oil. The farm is led by Gianluigi Cava, who passionately produces a superior quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, distinguished by its organoleptic qualities, aroma, color and the typical flavor of the cultivars. The Antico Frantoio Lopes carries on a real Olive Oil culture, where the oil tradition and modern harvesting and processing techniques become one, giving life to an Excellent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The olive harvest is carried out at the best time, that is when the so-called veraison, ie the change in color of the fruit which from green to purple and then black, is 50/60%. It is in this precise moment that there is the greatest concentration of phenolic qualities, which give the oil its organoleptic and nutritional qualities. The techniques that allow the harvesting phase only used manual and mechanical procedures. The milling takes place cold with a continuous cycle system within 12 hours of harvesting.




Frantoio Lopes